Hai, Welcome to The ART Wars. We're a site dedicated to art, to music, to just being who you are and not having anyone judge you by who how you look or dress. This is a site for posting art, for chatting with people, for coming to rant when someone has pissed you off. Know one is judged here. We love everyone. But nothings been happening for a long time.

I started this site a pretty long time ago. It was like the end of 5th grade i think. Im at the end of 7th grade now, Its been about two. years. I know, Holy crap. Feels like a week. For all of you that were  here at the start, Thanks so much for staying with us. Thank you new members for joining and being here. But sadly, the site has pretty much died. Know one comes here anymore. About a year ago, We were alive with activity. The chatrooms were full of people chatting, debating, shouting. new art was added every day. But none of that anymore.  I miss that. So please, If you  have joined this site, spread the word about it! Be active, post pictures, post a blog,spam everyones profiles, do something!

I'm Chaos, And the site manager here is Detah. Him and i met on here, and he's one of my best friends now.

If anyone has any suggestions about the site, please email me or  Detah.

My email: jennifergaster@yahoo.com

Detah's email: Detah7780@yahoo.com

-Chaos and Detah.


random quote of the whenever-i-feel-like-updating!


okay so like my uncle and aunt of something or whatever are,like,rich,so like they live in this huge mansion and stuff. and thay got four of em! and i was eating red velvet cake,and i ate alot of it,and i was so hyper. they have this huge like stuffed turkey thing or something. i walked up to it,and there videotaping  this, and i was like kinda holding it and petting it ya know? then i started just like talking to it. i was so hyper. i was like "aww hey lil guy." and i was petting it again. "how ya doin? its okay. they can t  hurt you know. your safe here" and behind me everyone was laughing

-Dominic (i dont have his permission lolz)

(he said like alot doidnt he?this is true btw)

Fun Random Stuff(like FISH LOL)

One day,the magical fish named swimmy wanted to take a walk in a purple suit that had green buttons. he put on the suit and went on a walk. he screamed and spit on random leprechauns and tried to eat an unsuspecting unicorn wearing a green and sparkly party hat. this unicorn got super mega ultra pissed at swimmy the magical fish for trying to eat him,so he kicked swimmy the magical fish to rainbow land where he was pantzed by some small children wearing cheesepants. he then traveld to the world of the cheese munchkins where they made him dance like a hobo while wearing a sparkly dress ment for manladies only.  he started screming and rolling on the floor where he rolled into a hole that brought him to some wierd world of wiredwoldness. he was almost eaten by flip2kees but he flew away on a dubbydapp to a place full of pengunis who ate him alive.the end.




R.I.P. swimmy the magical fish

on the other hand,the leprechaun and the unicorn were pretty happy.

The Swimmy Song...

Swimmmy,the happy fish

Liked to eat a knish

He went on a walk one day,

in a suit made out of purple clay,

and spit on leprechans.

and eated unicorns,

but they!didnt!like it!

one of the unicorns kicked him to a rainbow land,

wher swimmy was pantz by kids,

who were wearing cheese pants,

and stuff.

then he ran away to cheese munchkin land,

where he was forced to dance in a dress meant for a manlady,

and he rolled on the floor,

and he screamed,

ad he ran away,

to penguIn land,

to penguin land,

where he was eated alive!

though sad it true,this twas the end of swimmy the magical fish




if your an anime or cartoon cosplay freak, contact me. ill add your cosplay pics here if ya want. i wont do nakked people though if you wanna do porn cosplay go to some other site. below im just gonna add some cool cosplay pics. i do not have permission from the owners and                                                    

none of them are of me.

a message from our zombie

hey guys i wont be on the site for a while maybe until im 18 //- : .  and to mi emo brothers and sisters im gonna miss u guys and i promise i will talk to u guys as soon as possible maybe when im 15 or 16 maybe not 18 but i will miss u detah , shin and emo weekend and detah seriously new girl? lawl  welll maybe i can talk to u guys through death which ive already done but me and death can hang out anymores because her parents :c  but i can still email her though well goodbye mi emo bros and sisters *hugs u guys* 

FROM ZOMBIE BUNNY.SITE ADMIN/ chatroom name: emozombiekitty  

A message from your bunny!!!

A Message From Your Bunny! ^_^


Me new here and me likez you..Me wantz hugz so nowz mez gonna jumpz out from your screenz and hugz you all!!!! Then mez gonna givez u and pweety advertise card and sayz " if youz noz makez compyz mez gonnaz eat yourz brainz!!!!!!" LOVE ME!!!!!! >:D So now I am the sites back up manager because I am bored and like anime and I heart poetry so thatz meanz I am a artwarz freak and I am now a art warz millitary survant!!!


                                   Zoom ->                                                                                               LET THE WARS BEGIN!!!!!!


hey! if you go on this site and like it, please advertise and tell people about it. ill attach a pic that ypu can print if your really dedicated to the site that you can print and put on your own site.